"The Forty"

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The project has begun! WD-40 has been freely sprayed, swabbed, and spilled, and the torch and grinder have seen frequent use. Dirt that has been riding around in nooks and crannies for almost 60 years and hundreds of thousands of miles from the Heartland to the West Coast has found its next resting place. As I remove parts and pieces, I think about the hands that held the wrench that turned those nuts and bolts; the hitch that has been a part of the truck since before I can remember or the antenna mounts that held the antenna for a radio that had been installed, died, and been removed before I was born. There have only been four people working on this vehicle since it left the show room. My Dad, my wife, a mechanic friend, and myself. My Dad did all of the work until I was old enough to start helping, except when a friend of ours replaced the timing gear set for us, and now my wife is helping me restore it.

Check back often for the latest progress.

Interior - Before
Ready for Surgery! Ready for Surgery!
Let's get started!
90129-40-rf-hightn.jpg We're started!

I don't have a powerful enough flash on my camera for the distance I've been using, so I've been trying to brighten the pictures in software. With this last group I tried to get a little closer so they'd be brighter with just the flash. What do you think? Let me know here.


The Forty has been very lonely for the past year or so. Summers are always busy for me, then, just as the "restoration season" started, we had a health problem in the family, which has taken a great deal of time. Then, to top it all off, the owner of the shop I was using traded it, and it looked like my whole operation was going to get - and, for short time it was - stuffed in my 2-car garage at home. Unfortunately, for a time even that hasn't worked out, and she has been stored beside the garage, sleeping again, until time and space are available.

But...  This can't last forever!  Stay tuned...